Concetto & Prexury are exquisite collections of hand-made surfaces, individually cut and bound from semi-precious stones. These collections transform rare materials into true works of art. The inspirational Concetto Collection includes 21 semi-precious surfaces, such as rare Agates, Tigerís Eye and Quartz. We offer these fine products through our Tuo Sogno Design Center which has the largest collection of full displays, and samples, of Concetto slabs in San Diego County.

Prexury is a new series of materials developed with semiprecious stones and other natural materials. This exceptional collection mixes the timeless beauty of natural semiprecious stones, petrified wood and rare fossils to create the most exquisite solid surface with extraordinary designs.

With the Prexury Collection, Cosentino brings materials traditionally used in jewellery, such as quartz, amethyst, agate and jasper to the home. The beauty of these stones lies in the properties of each material, which makes the collection suitable for all areas of the home.

These collections are highly heat, stain and scratch resistant, offering high quality and low maintenance. Each exceptional piece is made from completely natural stones that enhance its unique shadings and inherent patterns.

The Concetto Collection can be used for a variety of applications including kitchen & bathroom surfaces, furniture, vanities, work surfaces, countertops, floors, walls, special features and more.

Many of the semi-precious stones in the Concetto and Prexury Collection are translucent and can be backlit for a truly amazing effect.


Onyx provides a natural beauty like no other material. Onyx is a calcareous stone that is formed by dissolving limestone and then re-depositing it in a new stone formation. Ultimately formed by dripping water in caves, onyx is a very fragile and very brittle stone. European Wholesale Countertops has the knowledge, experience and skill required to work with this amazing material and can turn your project in to a show stopper.

Onyx comes in many different colors and shades ranging from the greens to the dark grays, reds and sands. The many different colors, shades, and patterns of the onyx countertop make it a beautiful addition to any project.